Annual Renewal / Program Participation Fee

The Open Group Professional Certification Program has required certified individuals to pay an Annual Fee each year on the anniversary of achieving certification in order to maintain their certification and continue to participate in the program.

The Annual Fee has been discontinued effective July 1, 2019, but the re-certification fee due every 3 years remains. See the Fee Schedule for further information.

How do I reactivate my certification?

If your Anniversary / Annual Fee due date was June 30, 2019 or earlier, you are required to pay this fee for 2019 in order to maintain your Certified status. If you did not pay your fee by June 30, your certification has been deactivated. To reactivate your certification, you must pay the fee and notify the Certification Authority via email that you have done so (using the Contact Us link in the lefthand navigation bar). Once payment is confirmed, the Certification Authority will restore your certification to Certified, provided that your certification has not expired.

Pay your annual fee:

Open CA Open CITS

Do I need to pay an Annual Fee for 2019?

If your Anniversary / Annual Fee due date is July 1, 2019 or later, No, you no longer need to pay annual fees. You are still required to pay your re-certification fee and undergo a re-certification process every 3 years, prior to the expiry date of your certification.

If you are certified through one of our Accredited Certification Partners, your company may be paying your Annual Fee. Please contact the Certification Authority if you are unsure whether you are required to pay the for 2019.

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