For step-by-step instructions on how to have a course accredited see the Training Course Accreditation page.

Training Course Accreditation Documents

Accreditation Checklist

The Accreditation Checklist is composed of two documents. The first, the Training Course Accreditation Checklist, is used to provide a mapping between an applicant's documentation and the accreditation requirements. The second, the Training Course Materials Checklist, is specific to the standard covered by the course and provides a mapping between the training course materials and the required learning outcomes. Training providers will need to complete each of these checklists and submit them for accreditation.

Training Course Accreditation Checklist [Updated December 2016]

Use the applicable Training Course Materials Checklist:

Legal Agreements

The following legal agreements are required for accreditation of a training course. The Accreditation Agreement and Accreditation TMLA are signed once per organization. Each agreement will then apply to all training courses an organization wishes to accredit in any of The Open Group Certification for People Programs (currently ArchiMate, IT4IT, Open FAIR, and TOGAF). For each training course to be accredited, you will need to complete a Training Course Schedule and a Trademark License Schedule. The Affiliate Schedule is only applicable if you wish to have a partner organization deliver or support the delivery of an Accredited Training Course.

If your organization is new to accreditation and you have not yet entered into a Commercial License for the Open Group standard in which you wish to perform training, you will need to do so in order to accredit your training course. The applicable Commercial Licenses are available here:


Training Course Affiliate Documents

Affiliates should refer to the Training Course Accreditation documents above for general information on the program and training course accreditation. The documents above apply to Affiliates, except for the Accreditation Agreement and Schedules which are replaced by the Affiliate Agreement and Affiliate Schedule listed below.

Note: The Affiliate Agreement and Affiliation Schedule were updated in June 2016. The only changes are to the address of The Open Group and ensuring that the Affiliate is properly called out as the signatory for the Affiliation Schedule in a manner consistent with the Affiliate Agreement.