IT4IT™ Accreditation Register

This register identifies all training courses that have been accredited. Contact the Accredited Training Course Providers and their Affiliates to learn when and where these courses are being offered. Some of these schedule courses are viewable on the public Accredited Training Course Calendar

IT4IT™ Accredited Training Courses

There are 12 accredited courses from 12 ATC Providers and 2 Affiliates.

Certification of individuals and accreditation of training courses is currently to the IT4IT Reference Architecture, Version 2.1. All courses listed below are training attendees in IT4IT Foundation Level.

Course Organization First Accredited Re-Accreditation Date Conformance
IT4IT™ Fondamentaux Accenture Technology Academy 25-Apr-2016 25-Apr-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation (Level 1) Advised Skills Ltd. 25-Apr-2016 25-Apr-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation CC and C Solutions Pty Ltd  05-Jul-2016 5-Jul-2022 2.1
Fruition Partners (Formerly Logicalis SMC)
Fujitsu Technology Solutions B.V
Affiliate Date:
IT4IT™ Foundation EA Principals 25-Apr-2016 25-Apr-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation Glenfis AG 9-Aug-2016 9-Aug-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation Good e-Learning 25-Apr-2016 25-Apr-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation Training HCL Technologies Ltd 20-Jun-2016 20-Jun-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation Hewlett Packard Enterprise 25-Apr-2016 25-Apr-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Training Course - Foundation ITpreneurs Nederland B.V. 31-Aug-2016 31-Aug-2022 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation Justin Group Oy 17-Feb-2017 17-Feb-2023 2.1
IT4IT™ Training Shanghai Information Training Center 10-Jun-2020 10-Jun-2023 2.1
IT4IT™ Foundation TAYLLORCOX s.r.o. 16-Oct-2018 16-Oct-2021 2.1


All training courses that are currently accredited and in good standing are listed in the public Accreditation Register.

If you are an ATC Provider or an Affiliate and you’re aware of any trainer providing an unaccredited The Open Group training course for TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, DPBoK™, Open FAIR™, or IT4IT™ and marketing such course as accredited or leading to certification, we encourage you to report this by sending an email to . Please include a link to the web page advertising the course and The Open Group staff will follow up with the training organization to bring them into compliance.