Problem Reporting and Interpretations

During the certification and accreditation processes or during the preparation phase, you may encounter a problem that inhibits or will inhibit your certification effort. You can file a Problem Report via this website to obtain resolution to the issue. The Open CA Certification Authority is the sole interface that you need to deal with for such problem reporting, although other parties may be involved in determining the resolution.

The types of problems that may be found include:

  • Errors or ambiguities in the Conformance Requirements or Accreditation Requirements
  • Errors in the Evaluation Process for Certification or the Assessment Process for Accreditation
  • Errors in the Certification System itself

You can access the system using the following links:

Certification Links Accreditation Links


Problem Report Resolution (requires Login)

If you are a member of the Specification Authority (SA) and/or Certification Authority (CA) responsible for reviewing and providing a resolution to problem reports you may login using the links below.

Certification Links Accreditation Links


Refer to the User Guide for further help.

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