Joining a Peer Review Board

A Peer Review Board is a group of subject matter experts appointed by the Certification Authority to assess applications for a Milestone Badge or for certification. Participation in a Peer Review Board is by invitation only. To be eligible, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Certified at Level 2 in your Profession AND recommended as a board member by your direct Peer Review Board after a unanimous certification
  • Certified at Level 3 in your Profession
  • Served on boards within an Accredited Certification Program (ACP) and have been recommended by the ACP as a board member for The Open Group

If you have been invited and would like to join the pool of individuals who can serve on a Peer Review Board, you must agree to the Board Member Agreement. The first page of the agreement contains instructions on how to complete it and where to return the signed agreement.

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