Open Professions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Application Forms (General)

How can I be successful?
Use first person and active voice. Rather than saying that something was done, say who did what. Make it very clear to the reviewer who took which actions, and if you as the candidate did not take the action personally, state what your role was such that it demonstrates why you’re mentioning the activity and how it demonstrates your skills or experience.

Board Member Education Materials

On this page you will find some quick resources to help you perform your role as Peer Review Board Member.

Presentations on the program and aspects of the Board Member role:

Recognition Requirements for Methods

Methods are evaluated and accepted as part of the certification process. The Certification Authority will maintain and make available a list of recognized methods that may be cited by certification Candidates.

Candidates for certification may also cite methods that are not listed, in which case the method will be evaluated for recognition and inclusion in the list of recognized methods.

Dell Technologies Open Professions Scope of Accreditation
Architect Certification

Dell Technologies is accredited to certify people in the following architecture certifications:

  Level 1: Certified Architect - Business Architecture
Level 1: Certified Enterprise Architect

Apply for Certification or a Milestone Badge

Milestone badges are currently available for Architects, Data Scientists, and Technical Specialists (Trusted Technology Providers are not yet available).

Coming soon ...

The Open Group Certified Trusted Technology Practitioner (Open CTTP) certification is designed to validate the existence of those qualities and skills in a professional that enable the application of effective Trusted Technology security practices, such as those described in the O-TTPS: ISO/IEC 20243.

Directory of Certified Technical Specialists

Summary of Certifications

Total of all Open CTS certifications: 2830


The abilty to search the certification directory is currently unavailable due to migration to our new systems. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have this back up soon.


Open Professions System Migration

The Open Group has implemented new systems for Open Certified Architect (Open CA) and Open Certified Technical Specialist (Open CTS) certification. You have been re-directed here as you tried to access a URL on the old system.
The following Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are provided to help you transition to the new system.

Q. Where is the program documentation?
A. Program documentation and access to the certification site is available as follows: