Open Professions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Application Forms (General)

How can I be successful?
Use first person and active voice. Rather than saying that something was done, say who did what. Make it very clear to the reviewer who took which actions, and if you as the candidate did not take the action personally, state what your role was such that it demonstrates why you’re mentioning the activity and how it demonstrates your skills or experience.
Every word of the Conformance Requirements and of the application questions has been thought about. Every word is important and needs to be considered in your answers. If you do not fully answer the questions, and answer specifically what is asked, your application cannot be accepted.
The application form is quite long, can I save my form as I go so I don’t lose my responses?
Yes. Periodically, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Save" button. Enter your email address to receive an email with a link to resume editing of your form, so you may continue working on it in a future session.
I work on internal projects, not with external clients. Is that experience accepted?
We use the term “client” in a very general sense to include internal stakeholders as well as external clients. We fully understand that in most organizations the client is an internal stakeholder.
Do I need to submit my documents, presentations, or other artifacts?
No, we do not expect you to submit your documents. You demonstrate what you have done or created through the description of your work on the application forms.
Can I print out my application?
Yes, you may use your browser to print the form, either to a printer or PDF file, in order to review it before submission.
Can I fill out a word document instead?
No, all application forms are online and available at:
[Note: the exception at the moment are the Open CDS Level 1 and Level 2 forms that are currently still in Word.]

Achieving and Maintaining Certification

Can I go straight to Level 2 certification or do I need to get Level 1 certified first?
Yes, you can go straight to Level 2 certification. Candidates applying for Level 1 or Level 2 certification are not required to have been certified in the profession previously.
I'm very experienced, may I apply for Level 3 certification?
Candidates applying for Level 3 certification must previously have been certified at Level 2 in the profession. Such certification does not need to be current and may be in any Discipline / Specialty, where applicable.
Why do I need to earn Level 2 certification before applying for Level 3 certification?
Level 2 certification requires you to demonstrate your skills and experience as a practitioner in your profession. For Level 3, Candidates must demonstrate their leadership and the business impact of their work. We do not ask for proof of competence in your profession at Level 3 as that is covered by the Level 2 certification.
How do I find a mentor?
The Open Group does not have an established mentoring program nor do we maintain a mentoring pool. We suggest you find a colleague in your organization who can review your application or seek assistance from someone who is already certified. Alternatively, if you are applying in the Architect profession, you could join your local Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA) chapter ( and reach out to other members for assistance.

Professional Communication Milestone Badge

What does the Professional Communication application ask for?
The Professional Communication application asks for 3 examples each of your Written and Verbal communication skills. You must describe 3 documents you wrote and 3 presentations you delivered. For each, you're asked to provide: the name of the document / presentation, a short description of its purpose, its relevance to your profession, your role in its creation, the audience, and whether its purpose was achieved.
In the Professional Communication application, you should not provide significant details on the work you have done in your profession, rather you should provide evidence of your ability to succesfully communicate with people regarding your work.

Professional Development Milestone Badge

What does the Professional Development application ask for?
The Professional Development Milestone Badge application ask for:
  1. Examples of the Professional Development activities you have undertaken (e.g., Conference Attended, Formal Education, Being Mentored, Training Course, Related Professional Membership, or Other Activity) relative to maintaining your:
    • Knowledge of Technology Trends and Techniques
    • Knowledge of Vertical Industry Sectors (e.g., telecoms, financial, etc.)
    • Skills and Knowledge in your Profession and Discipline / Speciality
  2. Examples of your Contributions to your Profession. At Level 2 and Level 3, mentoring people in their career progression is required.

Experience Profile Milestone Badge

What does the Experience Profile application ask for?
The Experience Profile application asks you to write a coherent description of a project that provides you with the opportunity to show how you perform as a practitioner in your profession. You should provide sufficient information for a Peer Review Board member to understand your project description and your thought processes and decisions. The Configuration Document details the specific Conformance Requirements for which you will need to provide evidence in your Experience Profile application.
How long will it take to get an Experience Profile Milestone Badge?
You should plan for around a month of elapsed time to allow sufficient time for the Certification Authority to review your application to ensure it's complete and consistent, arrange for a Board Member to conduct the Peer Review, and receive the results back.
May I use the same project in my Level 3 Experience Profile application as I used at Level 2?
Yes, if the project meets the Level 3 Conformance Requirements. The Level 3 Experience Profile application is qualitatively different than the Level 2 application as Level 3 requires you to demonstrate your leadership and the business impact of your work.


What is required for re-certification?
The requirements for re-certification are defined in the Configuration Document for the profession.

Individuals who are due for re-certification directly with The Open Group are required to do the following in order to re-certify:

  1. Earn a Professional Development Milestone Badge, and
  2. Either complete the Declaration of Continued Practice or earn an Experience Profile Milestone Badge

Once you successfully meet these two requirements, the Certification Authority will extend your certification for another 3 years. The cost for re-certification is the cost to submit each of the two applications defined above, there is no additional re-certification fee.

The Professional Development and Experience Profile Milestone Badges must be at or above the level of the current certification.

The Declaration of Continued Practice requires applicants to describe the contributions they have made in their profession during the past 3 years, in order to demonstrate that they have continued to practice in the Profession at (or above) their current level of certification. The Declaration of Continued Practice will be sufficient for people who wish to re-certify at the same level and in the same Discipline/Specialty.

For further information and to access the application forms, please go to:

Should I complete the Declaration of Continued Practice or the Experience Profile?

If you wish to earn a certification at a higher level or change the Discipline/Specialty of your certification, consider earning an Experience Profile Milestone Badge at the desired level of certification and/or in the desired Discipline/Speciality as you will then be able to use the badge both to support your current re-certification and as one of the badges you will need for your new / updated certification.

Likewise, if you are seeking certification at a higher level in your profession, consider earning a Professional Development Milestone Badge at the higher level. This badge may then be used both in support of re-certification of your current certification and in support of certification at a higher level.

Your Declaration of Continued Practice or Experience Profile application will be reviewed by a single Peer Review Board Member, as per the re-certification requirements defined in the profession's Configuration Document.

What does the Declaration of Continued Practice ask for?
The Open CA Declaration of Continued Practice application asks for:
  1. A general attestation that you continue to meet all of the applicable Core Basic Skills, Architecture Basic Skills, and Discipline Skills at the required level, as described in Sections 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 of the Conformance Requirements
  2. One or more examples of the architectural contribution(s) you have made you have made during the prior three years, described in sufficient detail to assure a Peer Review Board Member that you have continued to practice as an Architect. There is no requirement to document three full years of activity.
Can I re-certify at a higher level?
No. Re-certification applies to certification in a Profession, in a Discipline / Specialty (if applicable), and at a Level. You would need to complete the full certification process for the new desired Level.
How has the re-certification process changed?
The process is basically the same under the Milestone Badge based approach, but you will need to submit two applications. The Professional Development application covers the Professional Development and Community Contribution requirements. These cover what you have done to maintain your knowledge in your profession over the past 3 years and what contributions you have made back to your profession during this time. The Declaration of Continued Practice or Experience Profile enables you to provide evidence that you have continued to practice in your profession at your current level of certification over the past 3 years.


I completed cert but don’t see my badge in Credly
Please allow up to 10 business days for your badge to be issued at Credly. You will receive an email, sent to the preferred email address in your profile at The Open Group, with instructions for claiming your badge. Further information on badging may be found here.

Architect Profession Q&As

Do I need to have full lifecycle experience in all my Experience Profiles?

The requirement for certification is that you have full lifecycle experience. This may be covered by one or more of your Experience Profiles, or you may specify you full lifecycle experience in the Experience Application at the time of applying for certification.

For Level 1, you must describe one or more experiences that demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of the solution lifecycle from strategy, design, and implementation through to completion.

For Level 2, you must describe on or more experiences that include the solution lifecycle from strategy, design, and implementation through to completion.

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