Open CA Certification Fee Schedule For Direct Certification
(effective 15 April 2011)


The fees described below are quoted net of all applicable taxes and duties which, where appropriate, will be payable by the Candidate to the Certification Authority (or to the relevant tax authorities as applicable).


Problem Reporting and Interpretations

During the certification and accreditation processes or during the preparation phase, you may encounter a problem that inhibits or will inhibit your certification effort. You can file a Problem Report via this website to obtain resolution to the issue. The Open CA Certification Authority is the sole interface that you need to deal with for such problem reporting, although other parties may be involved in determining the resolution.

The types of problems that may be found include:

Recognized Methods for IT Architecture

Accenture Delivery Methods (ADM)
Advanced Generali Systems Engineering Method (AGSM)
Allstate Architecture Standards and Methods (AASM)
BearingPoint Configure To Fit Method
BearingPoint Methodology
Bredemeyer VAP
CA Solution Architecture Methodology
CGI Risk- and Cost-Driven Architecture (RCDA)

Application Forms for Data Scientist Milestone Badges and Certification

The Application Forms are used to enable candidates to provide evidence of meeting the applicable Conformance Requirements for a Milestone Badge or for certification.

Candidates need to register for a Milestone Badge or certification and, as part of the process of obtaining the Milestone Badge or certification, will be asked to submit the application form. Registration for certification is only available after you have obtained the required Milestone Badges as defined in the Configuration Document.

Directory of Certified Data Scientists

The Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS) program launched in January 2019. There are no Certified Data Scientists yet.

Prior to achieving certification, individuals must obtain Milestone Badges (4 or 5, depending on the level of certification). These Open Badges are published with The Open Group's partner, Acclaim. Learn more about The Open Group's Open Badges program.

Open Professions Milestone Badge and Certification Fees

Milestone Badge Fees

The Milestone Badge Fees are per badge registration and due at the time the Milestone Badge Application Form is submitted to the Certification Authority. To pay your fee, select the badge name to be taken to our shop.