Certification and Milestone Badge Registration

A Stepwise Path to Certification

Open Professions certification is awarded through experience-based profile assessment by recognized industry experts within their appropriate field. Certification is broken down into three stages – to allow you to manage your certification at a pace that is most suitable to you and to allow you to show evidence for your expertise more quickly:

  • Step One - Obtain 4-5 Milestone Badges (four for Levels 1 & 3, five for Level 2). Candidates submit separate Milestone Application Forms, which are then evaluated independently. After earning all the required Milestone Badges, proceed to Step Two
  • Step Two - Complete the Experience Application Form to apply for certification
  • Step Three - Attend a board review

Open Professions Stepwise Certification Path

Apply for Certification or a Milestone Badge

Milestone badges are currently available for Architects and Data Scientists (Technical Specialists and Trusted Technology Providers coming soon).

Apply for a Data Scientist Milestone Badge

Apply for an Architect Milestone Badge

Certification and Re-Certification Requirements

The specific Milestone Badges required for each level of certification are defined below. Further information on these requirements may be found in the profession-specific Configuration Document.

  Professional Communication Professional Development Experience Profile
Level 1 Yes Yes 2 Experience Profile Milestone Badges required
Level 2 Yes Yes 3 Experience Profile Milestone Badges required
Level 3 Not required Yes 3 Experience Profile Milestone Badges required
Re-Certification Not required Yes 1 Experience Profile Milestone Badge required


Individuals who were certified via the single-package approach or via an Accredited Certification Program who are due for re-certification directly with The Open Group will re-certify by earning two badges at the level of their certification - one in Professional Development and one Experience Profile Milestone Badge.


Contact the Open Professions Certification Authority for help on the milestone-based certification process or information on earning badges not listed above.

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