Open Professions System Migration

The Open Group has implemented new systems for Open Certified Architect (Open CA) and Open Certified Technical Specialist (Open CTS) certification. You have been re-directed here as you tried to access a URL on the old system.
The following Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are provided to help you transition to the new system.

Q. Where is the program documentation?
A. Program documentation and access to the certification site is available as follows:

Q. Where can I find the Directory of Certified Individuals?
A. The Open Professions Directory of Certified Individuals is available at:

Q. Where can I start a re-certification?
A. The Open Professions certification program has transitioned to a Stepwise Milestone Badge based certification. Individuals who were certified via the single-package approach may shift to the milestone-based certification approach at the time of re-certification. Information on the new approach and how to register for the necessary Milestone Badges is available at:

Q. How do I pay my annual fee?
A. Pay my Annual Fee

Q. How can I accept the TMLA?
A. If you've received an email that asks you to accept the TMLA and are directly certified with The Open Group, complete the appropriate TMLA and send it via email to the Certification Authority.

Q. Where can I access my certificate and certification register entry?
A. You may view your Open Professions certifications and adjust whether / how they appear on the Open Professions Directory of Certified People at:

If you need further assistance please contact the Open Professions Certification Helpdesk

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