IBM Open Professions Scope of Accreditation
Technical Specialist Certification

The Scope Of Accreditation for Technical Specialist certification is defined by the Certification Levels and Specialties supported by the Accredited Certification Program.

IBM is accredited to certify people at the following Certification Levels:

Level 1: Certified Technical Specialist
Level 2: Master Certified Technical Specialist
Level 3: Distinguished Certified Technical Specialist


If you are a curent IBM employee and would like to learn about getting a Technical Specialist certification within IBM, visit the IBM Technical Specialist Profession Resource Center. If you are a curent IBM employee and are already certified by IBM, you may apply for an equivalent Open Certified Technical Specialist certification and badge from The Open Group.


IBM is accredited to certify people in the following Specialties

Specialty Level 1 Level 2
Application Development
Application Integration
Business Analysis
Data Engineering
Data Platform
Nework Systems
Package Application Implementation
Product Support
Server Systems
Storage Systems

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